Individual & Small Group Coaching

The Coaching Approach

We understand that achieving peak performance and sustainability has many dimensions and means different things to different people. In the same way, teams and organizations understand peak performance in unique ways.

Coaching helps us support individuals and teams to explore their many dimensions and identify and overcome barriers to change. Coaching deepens each person’s understanding of the unique challenge they face and builds capacity to better manage complexity.

The Power of Focus

An in-depth continual, professional and personal development program that discovers and implements strategies to generate extraordinary performance results using the elements of motion.

The coaching process has consistently driven the highest levels of success with our clients. At the same time, we’re happy to discuss ways that we can customize our approach and our offerings to meet unique needs your organization may have.

We collaborate with you to fully assess and understand your people and capacity-related challenges so we can recommend the best course of action. One of the primary tools we use is the experiential learning. This is designed to assess and quantify the ways in which your organization’s current culture, practices and policies are influencing employee energy, engagement, productivity and performance.

The Power of Focus process operates on two levels. On one, we typically work consultatively with senior leaders to address the key energy needs surfaced by the Organizational Energy assessment. This can include building new policies and practices, different communication strategies and revisiting the organization’s values, purpose and mission.

The second level of our work focuses on training individuals, from senior leaders to line employees, to better and more systematically meet their needs to fuel more sustainable high performance. We continue to use the sports and hobby to drive the change.

Our core curriculum, A Better Way of Working, is comprised of four half-day modules that focus on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. These modules can be delivered in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and preferences. At the conclusion of this work, individuals build personal “rituals” — highly specific behaviors they implement at specific times of day to more skillfully manage their energy across each of the four dimensions.

As part of our commitment to driving changes that last, our program includes more individualized follow up coaching. This work, conducted one-to-one or in small groups, helps participants design, implement, adapt and sustain the rituals  they build, and to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise along the way.

Business isn’t just about wearing suits and pleasing stock holders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas, and focusing on the desired outcomes.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Develop an awareness and coach one’s self and others for better performance
  • Learn strategies to enhance one’s self professionally and personally
  • Recognize how breakdowns can be opportunities for breakthroughs
  • Utilize peer group support to generate extraordinary new performance results
  • Apply the principles of awareness education through movement to increase performance goals
  • Create vision
  • Identify strengths
  • Dealing with interference
  • Coaching self and others
  • Learning through peer groups


Use strategies to be your own coach and remain open to coaching from others to improve performance
Identify the interference that is getting in the way of achieving peak performance
Identify critical targets and methods for achieving them
Use strategies to overcome distractions and interference
Remain open to the possibilities

Who Will Benefit

  • Groups of individual business owners
  • Managers within a team
  • Team leaders and individuals who are ready to make a difference both professionally and personally