What You’ll Experience

We will review and change through awareness and coaching. This is measured by what you see as well as how you think about your performance. We also assist you in setting and tracking goals and creating clear intentions.

The program and process will vary depending on the needs of the client or team. However, we find that the most overlooked aspect of the performance within an individual or team is the ability to detect what is really happening in the performance. Many people may try to help, but are too close to the performance to become aware of how to make the changes.

Sports Performance

  • The power of focus
  • Broadening perspectives
  • Engaging self and others
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Examining perception vs. reality
  • Embracing change
  • Dealing with letdowns so you can become more focused on target and goals

The overall strategy is to enable you to build awareness of your own performance through a series of exercises using golf as the medium. These exercises enable you to examine how your thinking in different situations gets in the way of your performance and what you can do about it.

Focus is the quintessential component of superior performance, no matter what the activity or level of skill.

Kelly O'Brien

“I was a freshman in high school and I had some rounds in the 70′s. But most of the time I was scoring in the 80′s and was frustrated because I knew I could do better. I was taking golf lessons but I also needed to work on my mental game. After two weeks in the PIM program, I was not only able to enjoy playing my own game again, but I shot a 71 in a tournament and hit all 18 holes in regulation to win the tournament. I needed help with my mental game.”
Kelly, Captain of the team, Division 1 golfer
Montana State University

Proven Process to Improve Performance JP