Discovery Package – Performance Coaching

ball fall in hole, playing the game backwards

The Discovery Package includes all three workshops – Power of Focus, Application of Motion, and Game Planning. The total program allows for in-depth coaching and strategies that will help you achieve peak performance. We work with you over either a two-day fast track session or three-month period. The program is customized to your needs and is best taken as the whole series.

Key Points to the Learning in the Program

  1. Learning happens through the awareness of the performance. The mental and physical side of the game is reviewed in a number of different ways to determine what needs to be done to achieve peak performance.
  2. Review to develop a better understanding.
  3. Identify the negative thought process, identify the positive thought process, and achieve with confidence.
  4. Select and apply improvements to your performance.

The vast majority of teaching and training continues to be conventional, narrow, and highly prescribed — not experiential. This coaching process allows for the individual to understand what it will take to achieve peak performance.

To a certain extent, experiential learning is counterintuitive, which fools a lot of people. There is a common thought process that follows the lines of, “If someone does not possess the skills or knowledge, then give it to them by telling/teaching.” This may be necessary from time to time, however, the words get in the way and slow the learning process down. A lack of proper coaching to sustain the goals/target and movement leaves individuals to ignore potential and not allow themselves to achieve peak performance. This causes difficulty when changing behavior long-term.

People learn and develop in different directions. One size does not fit all.

Properly organized and facilitated experiential learning helps enormously in attaining an optimal balance in the ways we teach, train, coach, and develop people.

If there is no target, there is no coaching. When playing golf, the ball doesn’t lie. If the ball doesn’t go in our intended line or direction, there is a good chance that we lost our target in the act of performing.

This custom package will give you all the mental tools to discover your best game — on and off the course.

Power of Focus Workshop

The Power of Focus Workshop demonstrates how the mind connects to the body in order to reach the target. Using a series of questionnaires, unique golf exercises and full swing video analysis, you will be introduced to a new experiential learning process. Through a virtual play environment, learn how to use key principles and strategies of golf to identify what is interfering with achieving peak performance on the course. In these sessions you will:

  • Assess your current performance and develop goals.
  • Identify the things that are interfering with performance.
  • Do a before and after video analysis of your swing to show improvement.
  • Participate in experiential learning with strategies to apply focus to your game.
  • Apply the exercise to your game and performance improvement.
  • Ensure that learning is applied over time. You will immediately improve your performance on and off the course and increase your enjoyment of the game.

4.5 hour initial session, follow up two hour coaching session before the application of motion workshop preferred.

Application of Motion Workshop

The Application of Motion Workshop is designed to help individuals broaden their perspectives and gain awareness of their playing inefficiencies and effectiveness. This is done by integrating movement exercises and awareness education to create a pathway for new thinking and doing. You will understand that you have power to make changes and to create the vision you want to achieve. In this workshop you will:

  • Review learnings from the Power of Focus Workshop.
  • Discover your natural movement and golf swing.
  • Create a vision of your game 1 year later.
  • Learn to self-coach.
  • Use Bio feedback to help you understand how to make changes

You will start to understand that you can guide your own performance in a more proactive way.

3 hour session, 2-hour follow up coaching session (when the workshop is conducted in a 3-month period of time)

Game Planning Workshop

In the Game Planning Workshop, you will evaluate and clarify your vision, outline the steps to get there, and build accountability to achieve the vision you have created. You will explore four strategies that produce high-level performance and learn how to apply these strategies to your golf, business, and personal goals. In this in-studio workshop you will:

Strategy to the game

  • Review your one-year vision
  • Complete a gap analysis of all aspects of your game
  • Create strategies for success on the course
  • Set specific and “actionable” goals for the year
  • Imprint the target
  • Apply the new tools learned for your game.

You will have a complete personal, “actionable,” and measurable plan for continual performance improvement.

3-hour session, follow up phone coaching session