Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Studies


“This program has helped me establish vision and direction through a pivotal time in my life. Over the past decade, I have been able to reach a variety of goals in many aspects of my life, including participating in 6 state high school tournaments in golf and cross country, passing the United States Figure Skating Gold Test, graduating Magna Cum Laude with two degrees from Creighton University and now continuing my education at Creighton University School of Medicine. Not only have I experienced tangible results, but Dan’s program has given me a clearer mind, heart and body by helping me understand myself and where I see myself going. In his workshops, Dan creates a unique experience from personal reflection and sharing with others around the table to club throwing and collaborating with others in golf exercises. I have been able to work on developing imperative skills to help me reach my potential such as confidence, communication and leadership.”
– Briana B.

“I am having so much more fun with my golf game because I am not so worried about my performance. I can’t wait till I hit the next shot. I used to think so much before I hit the next shot.”
– Jon R.

“Performance in Motion has opened up my world to the unlimited possibilities at an important stage in my life. Their programs are intentionally designed to find your personal strengths through a number of interactive activities. Engaging in group activities is constructive to learning through others while learning about yourself. Whether your goals are business, sports, or personal, Performance in Motion is extremely beneficial for everyone. After committing to the program, I immediately began to see results in all aspects of my life.

“After working with the program in high school, I was able to compete in four state golf tournaments, play in a couple of high school state hockey tournaments, and was captain of the high school team my senior year. As a student-athlete at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, I have made great personal strides in the classroom and on the golf course by setting goals and creating a vision board. Through the sustained coaching process, I have been able to see how leaders and top performers share their visions, how I can improve my performance, and how to help others do the same. I contribute my exceptional results to these unique programs and would strongly recommend Performance in Motion to anyone searching for a finer way of living.” –TJ B.

Success Stories

College Golfer – Regis, Colorado
“Hey Dan,

I had my last day of qualifying today, and I needed a good score to seal a spot for the first tourney. Went out and shot 67, felt great to see my target and effortlessly hit the ball.

TJ, September 4th 2013″

Email from Jared Sundin – Former Intern
“Hi Dan,

I was talking with a friend yesterday about golf and this immediately made me think of the coaching you do. You may find it interesting…

I first asked my friend if he wanted to play a round of golf, to which he replied, “I’m taking lessons, so I should probably wait to play a full round. Otherwise, my bad habits will come back.” This made no sense to me at all, other than it was an excuse to not play.

So instead, we agreed to go to the driving range. I asked him what he was working on with this instructor (his main problem is slicing every shot), and he gave me a long list of really complicated drills/techniques – keeping his elbows in, etc. I couldn’t remember them all. At one point when we were hitting, he told me that at his last lesson, he was barely making contact with the ball by the end because he was trying to do so many things before his swing.

Obviously I’m not an expert, but I told him to pick a specific target and feel his motion move towards the target. He actually improved a little bit as we went on, which was the opposite of what happened with his “golf professional.” I just thought it was funny how I could help him more than the instructor, all by getting him to think less about what he needed to fix. Ironic.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this. Your coaching will always be needed – let’s hope golfers start to realize it soon!”

Pat Lang – golf pro, sales representative
“My breakthrough occurred on the tee box of the 15th hole. For some reason, I was thinking of the Titleist commercial where different pros are describing various shots and the images on the TV are of each player standing as if they are looking down the target line and seeing the shot happen. On the 15th tee, I decided that I was going totally commit to the target and forget the physical and to say that it was amazing is an understatement. I still got behind the ball and picked my spot, but from that point, on all I did was repeat to myself the shot I wanted to create. Sure enough, the shot started where I had pictured and drew right to left like I had seen when I was behind the ball. No thoughts of mechanics at all!!! What was so awesome is that I was PLAYING the game and CREATING shots and SEEING shots for the first time in a long time. I don’t want you to think that I hit every shot perfect, but if I didn’t hit it just like I had imagined, it was a lot closer to the intention than had I been focused on the physical.”

Katie K – college golfer, 4 state high school golf tournaments and number 1 player on her college team
Katie won a club championship in July without a chance practice before. However, she knew she could either par or birdie every hole. She won the tournament by imagining the possibilities. She realized that she could par or birdie any hole on the course and kept that in her mind throughout the tournament. So when she missed her shots she could comeback quickly.

TJ – college golfer, 4 state high school golf tournaments
Learning how to shoot in the 60s in competition while remaining unattached to the outcome. Has correlation with his school performance – learning to focus on making goals in all aspects of his life, including school

Denise – casual golfer, bank executive
“Just wanted to share a bit of success with you. I have not spent a lot of time golfing but am learning to enjoy it a bit better. Last night my husband and I went out and did 9 holes at blackberry. We had no one behind us and so I decided to relax and take my time with setting up for my shots and just focus on the target. I parred 4 holes and ended up with a score of 48. Pretty sweet for this old lady! I even beat my husband. Just wanted to share (brag)!”

Loren – semi-retired, passionate golfer
Loren was struggling to improve his game. After attending the discover series program with his wife, his playing partners have recognized how fast his abilities have improved to focus on the target and hit better shots. He reached his goal of hitting 90 within a few months.

W Family – learning how to coach one another through the facilitation of goals and vision
Neil W (father): sets goal to lose weight and loses over 50 pounds. Now feels young again and is connected to both his mind and body as he begins to score in the low 70s, another one of his goals.

Alex W: wins junior golf tournament after hitting a ball out of bounds when it hit a sprinkler head next to the green on the front 9. Scores 10 strokes lower on the back 9 to win the tournament. Recognizing the power of setting goals for both school and golf

Aaron W: developing confidence and realizing that he can compete at a much higher level than what he thought. He took a 9 on the first hole of a 9 hole tournament round and was still able to comeback and score in the 30s.

Cal R – high school hockey and golf player
Email from father:
“Hey Dan,

Wanted you to know that in Cal’s first hockey game after entering your program he scored a hat trick.
So fun to watch.
No way to prove exactly how much the sessions and his performance had to do with one another. But I am certain, at some level, they had a significant impact.
Thank you for taking an interest in helping Cal. There is no doubt in my mind your program will help him realize his potential.”

Dave H – casual golfer
“I just got done with a round out at Deer Run for the second day in a row and I shot an 83 with an 8 on number 13, so it could have been an 80, easily. Your ideas on focus and the target were paying off. I’ll have to tell you abut it but it was just shots that I haven’t hit in, gosh, maybe 2 years. I was focus on the target a lot of time and it was I was paying off. I had a birdie and string of pars going. It’s all really interesting, just the fact that I’ve been playing so poorly leading up to this. Thanks.”