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Develop clarity and vision while having fun and achieving peak performance.

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You’ve worked hard to master the physical skills, but simply aren’t getting better. You execute the fundamentals beautifully in practice, but once you start keeping score, your game seems to go away. Your mind races and muscles tighten. You perform below your capabilities and lose to inferior players. The frustration builds and the fun stops.

These familiar issues all share the same cause: an undeveloped mental game. Just like your physical game, the mental game needs guidance from an experienced coach, utilizing tools to become aware of the changed in yourself.

Secrets of the Golf Whisperer’s proven programs have helped countless leaders and teams develop the psychological tool set they need to fully access and maintain their peak performance, both as individuals and within their team. You will develop a powerful new way of seeing that lets you manage distraction and heighten your awareness of the target, allowing you to play at your best.

What You’ll Experience

Through a series of questionnaires, informal roundtable discussions, and simple exercises focusing on the highly mental game of golf, you will develop a new perspective that allows your thinking to optimize performance. Whatever it is, our coaching process will help you:

  • Focus on what you want to accomplish
  • Minimize external and internal distractions
  • Detach your thoughts from outcomes to become your own non-judging coach
  • Trust your capabilities and develop a firm understanding of your target

How You’ll Benefit

Performance golf coaching

Be able to:

  • Identify and focus on meaningful targets
  • Reframe perceptions to eliminate distractions
  • Realize your true potential
  • Play in “the zone” more often
  • Renew passion and love for your sport

From weekend enthusiast to top-tier competitor, Secrets of the Golf Whisperer equips leaders and teams with the mental tools and skills they need to be at their best and savor the game.

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We Can Also Help Improve Your Business & Team

Just like sports, there’s an often-neglected mental side to job performance that prevents businesses from top performing. Our programs have helped organizations of all types and sizes connect as a team and excel as individuals, leading to new levels of growth and profitability.

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