Core Principles


Why are you doing what you are doing? Awareness refers to being conscious of, and accurately perceiving, what is happening to yourself and in the world, as well as the interaction between the two. Awareness begins with the self – if you are not aware of yourself and are not able to perceive accurately how you perform, your ability to be aware of yourself and your performance will be limited.


The possibilities can be created through awareness. You can only make choices about things you are aware of. By integrating experiential learning with vision and goals, one can begin to open up to new possibilities and achieve better results without being told how to do it. This also helps people to redefine their target and goals. A new outlook begins to happen as you seek out new possibilities.

Defining the Target

Defining the target is a choice you make to influence your own accountability to perform. In golf, we often play the hole backwards to define the target. If there is no target, there is no coaching. It is hard to achieve your peak performance without a target/goal. Many people may define the target, but lose their focus while in the performance. This requires a level of commitment, awareness, and responsibility. While others can assign you responsibility, only you can choose to take on your target and goals.


Focus is the ability to remain dedicated to your target and goals while dealing with distractions/interference. The interference may come both internally and externally.


The degree of your commitment is proportional to the degree to which you believe in yourself. Through the process, you are often challenged on your level of commitment. The commitment requires courage and internal drive, passion, and vision, with a willingness to be vulnerable and to trust others.


The release is a measure of integrity and how fully your inner truth lines up with your words and actions. If you are fully engaged in releasing, then what you care about and how you intend to influence the people around you and your own performance will be in complete alignment with what you say and do. The release is deeply rooted in the awareness of what you can and cannot control. The ability to be 100% clear of your intentions while remaining a 100% unattached to the result.