Team Building – The Power of Focus

What You’ll Experience

This is the process of improving relations with your staff. The workshop entails learning through your experience. At the same time, we create an environment where you challenge team members to improve continuously and educate themselves about what they are learning vs. how well they did. The learning itself will generate change for team members to make improvements and suggestions about your current operating procedures and best practices. Applying Secrets of the Golf Whisperer to your team members’ new ideas will be generated through the team building process. This process also allows team members to get to know one another outside of their day-to-day work environment. Team members will be challenged to bring up any concerns or questions they may have about how they work with one another or the concerns that customers may have.

We use various tools such as coaching through experiential learning to help individuals to see the changes they can make, as well as an interactive approach to use accountability for employees to feel empowered and fully engaged in the organization.

Result: a highly efficient and productive work environment over both the short and long term.

How You’ll Benefit

Anytime that you can reduce — or even eliminate — employee turnover, your business will run more efficiently. Think of all the time that goes into finding, hiring, and training new employees. A lot of management time, money, and resources can be wasted in the search for reliable employees, plus there is always a period of decreased productivity while the new team members learn the ropes of the business.

Initiating new tools for communication in a business process management model in your company significantly decreases client and team member turnover, which saves your business a lot of money and time. It can also help build loyalty among your customers who will feel more confident dealing with the same team members over and over again.

Board table with people

Who Will Benefit

  • Small business owners and staff
  • Family business owners and staff
  • Managers and teams in large corporations
  • Sales teams looking for to remain focused on target and goals.
  • Leadership and executive teams

The Importance of Sustained Coaching

Sustainability in coaching. You and your unique needs are the starting point once clearly defined through the Discovery Series. We work with leaders and functional teams to clarify collective intent, pave the path for change and link sustainability-related activity to core strategy.

We offer ongoing coaching for teams and individuals to build capacity for change and resilience to sustain it.

We know that sustainability is more than just your vision. It begins with you, extends to the people around you, the work you do and the social and ecological environments around you.

This facilitated service works for individuals and teams, enabling a participatory approach to exploring creative ideas and effectively mapping out business models. Our program enables individuals and teams to continue to focus on the value that an initiative, business and personal goals, venture or opportunity may create for existing and potential customers.


Team Development — The Discovery Program (two-day intensive or three-month program)

Learning through experience

Does your organization have any of the following challenges:

  • Looking for new view points with your team/employees.
  • Like to take the business to the next level, but looking for a way to keep your team engaged when change is created.
  • Seeing team members not get the most out of what they do.
  • Underperforming employees.
  • Difficulty resolving conflict with certain employees as well as among clients.
  • Trouble finding the right people for the job.

A strong, effective team works in harmony to achieve a specific goal. Techniques, theories and exercises have been designed for the purpose of building a cohesive team. The facilitation and development of an outstanding team demonstrates confidence in the results produced and projects the company image in a positive and professional way.

Empowering others is an absolute necessity for an effective leader. Employees were hired because they possessed a certain level of ability. Individuals tend to work more diligently when they have some autonomy in the workplace. Empowered employees are more likely to make better decisions and act in ways most beneficial to the company. Effective coaching means allowing the team to develop its own processes to accomplish a task. Through the Secrets of the Golf Whisperer process and guidance, you can engage timely project completion, problem intervention, and resolution.

Effective coaches can extract extraordinary work from ordinary people. A good coach focuses on solutions, not on problems. Employees are more effective when they feel there is an atmosphere of forgiveness about any mistakes. They benefit from an approachable resource to help them so they don’t make the same mistakes in the future. If coached properly, employees will feel that they have a personal stake in the success of the company.

Team coaches encourage feedback. Team members deserve to have their ideas or suggestions taken seriously and should be heard.

What You’ll Experience

Putting group

Success in business or in golf is LESS about skill and MORE about removing obstacles that are interfering with your ability to reach your peak performance. Whether you are a team trying to work more effectively together or an individual with a sports performance goal, there are key principles that help your “mental game” and help you break through to achieve your goals.

Secrets of the Golf Whisperer uses experiential learning to help clients apply golf coaching to improve their performance. We provide fun and interactive learning for individuals and teams in a state of the art studio, or in offsite facilities, that applies technology and visual imaging to help clients learn and experience what they are thinking and doing. The experience can be adapted and applied to create extraordinary results.

How You’ll Benefit

The team development process helps YOU, the business owner, or team leader, create, develop, and maintain high performance championship teams. People develop themselves as high performers by believing in what they can’t see to achieve extraordinary results.

Business leaders and corporate executives become more approachable from other employees. Employees often consider their directors and managers to be unapproachable and out of touch. Many employees feel management has no idea what they go through on a day-to-day basis. The barriers come down when they see that their managers are willing get out of the way and allow their staff to see the possibilities through their own style. The experiential learning becomes a powerful tool in gaining respect and lets employees know you are as dedicated to the team effort as you expect them to be.

Secrets of the Golf Whisperer produces results for teams and individuals that include:

  • Development of shared language and practices that enable people to move quickly through events that would normally interfere with performance.
  • Increased effectiveness so, when people take action, it is focused towards a common goal.
  • Faster, more effective conflict resolution that leaves all parties feeling more connected, supported, and respected.
  • Ability to adapt quickly and creatively to changing circumstances.
  • Accountability, measurement and commitment to performance goals.
  • Openness to learning and leading in order to improve performance.



It’s not about a team of champions, rather a championship team.