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Case Studies



Today I am in such a better place because of you. I it was 2 years ago that I attended the Discovery Series. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to check out of my business. I was losing money in my business each month and didn’t know where to turn. I was in the throws of medical issues that were probably manifested from stress. Today, I am going over my finances for 2012 with my bookkeeper. I was able to turn my business around and my balance sheet grew very nicely. I already have a lot of business lined up for 2013. I could see the changes that needed to be made through my the coaching process you used with golf. I have also seen a huge improvement with and my golf game as well. The vision board got me to image what seemed impossible to imagine. Your help in setting goals and encouragement to do the action steps were invaluable. Being with successful people and having their encouragement helped a lot too in our round tables. I am not sure of HOW it works but I am sure that physical movement is part of the puzzle. I was able to have the breakthrough when I saw the ball hitting my target.
– Jim

He has been called the Golf Whisperer from an article in the Star Tribune, and he relates golf to business and life. His name is Dan DeMuth. Lowering your (golf) handicap is one thing, but Dan DeMuth says that, by keeping your focus on the target, you can add to your income and improve your relationships as well. Dan DeMuth has set up a business to work with individuals through business and team development. This fun and interactive way of learning started in 1997 as Dan DeMuth’s Better Golf, then changed to Performance In Motion several years ago.
– Excerpt from KARE 11 Television, Reporter Mark Daily

Since Dan DeMuth has started coaching him, he says that his game has improved and his business is better than ever. “My production for the month of May will be 50% higher than I have ever produced, and I have been in the mortage business for 18 years.”
– Larry K., Mortgage Consultant with Bell Mortgage

“It rubs off on other people because they see you are relaxed, spontaneous, and natural.” Behind Toro’s Bloomington offices on a make-shift putting green, Toro’s Ken M. says, “It will happen… Our stocks have been hitting new highs over the last year and we are having another good year.”
– Ken M., Former Toro Executive

Thank you for being a big part of the success of our Grandview 2003 IS Leadership Meeting. This year’s Grandview meeting felt more inclusive since we had 100% participation in the golf event. Your approach to the game made many of the non-golfers feel more comfortable and part of the event. We were all able to share a common experience. I have heard many comments from people who were very leery of playing golf in the tournament, but were pleasantly surprised at how much fun they really had. I think the hardcore golfers also felt better that this was a more inclusive type of tournament. Many of the experienced golfers shared with me how a few tips from your staff helped them out in improving their games. – Dave T.