Dan DeMuth

Dan DeMuth


Dan DeMuth – President & CEO

From professional golfer, to golf coaching, to business coaching, Dan DeMuth started his career on the links. As Dan coached successful golfers, he realized that their performance on the golf course was strongly influenced by events off the course and their ability to focus on their game. He also found that how people perform on the links is a reflection of their inner state – including how they feel about themselves and how they think others feel about them.

This led Dan to found Dan DeMuth’s Better Golf in 1997. Finding that most golf instructors emphasize grip, stance, and swing, Dan realized the need to generate an awareness of why people could perform better in certain situations and not in others. He started to discover new methods of coaching that worked on the mental, and than the physical aspects of the golf game that would make a difference in how some one performed. His clients led him to realize that he was helping them make changes not only in their golf games, but in their business/work and personal goals. The golf activities became the breakthrough for helping people become more clear on their vision, strategy, and goals, as well as how to focus on a target while dealing with the mental obstacles of the game. He found that the most profound improvements came from breakthroughs in thinking and perspective, rather than just the technical changes.

In the fall of 2001, the PGA of America recognized Dan’s achievements with groups of business executive using his coaching techniques to improve their life skills through his golf and motion workshops.

His methods work — both on and off the golf course. Over time, Dan expanded his coaching to work with business leaders, executives, and students. In the fall of 2005 he had changed the business name to Performance In Motion. Whether working with golfers or those who have no interest in the game, Dan has built a career coaching people and teams to achieve their goals. In the spring of 2014, Dan rebranded the business to be called Secrets of the Golf Whisperer.

In 2002, the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote an article on the front page of the business section entitled “Golf Whisperer Improving Performance.” In the article, Dan’s clients acknowledged how much of what they learned through the game of golf also applied to their business and life skills. Dan was named the 2005 Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year. He has been featured on both radio and T.V.  stations such as WCCO radio, KARE 11 T.V., KSTP 5, Minnesota Business, Twin Cities Business, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and the Minnesota Golfer. He has helped scores of individuals and groups discover their unique abilities and strengths both on and off the course.

“Over the years, it became clear that success on the golf course often led to success in other areas of life. There is no question that our personal, professional, and even our hobbies are connected to one another. I am proud of the unique experience that helps my clients achieve their goals. Integrating mind and body while addressing all areas of clients’ lives is incredibly powerful. Golf? Hate golf? It doesn’t matter. Together, we can – and will – achieve your goals.”

–Dan DeMuth