The Building Blocks of Trust

The Building Blocks of Trust

The building blocks of trust are being put in place from the moment you begin an interaction with a prospective client. The most basic of these blocks are openness and honesty. These important building blocks form the foundation of your credibility as a salesperson. Without these two pieces in place, the rest of your communication with a client will be unstable.

Trust is something that needs to be earned — be careful not to assume it is automatically present. Here are some ways to help build trust and credibility with current clients, as well as potential prospects. Build carefully.

Don’t exaggerate the benefits of your product or service. If your clients are hearing words that seem too good to be true, chances are they’re right. Let your products and services speak for themselves, and allow the client to make judgments based on what they see — and how they believe the product or service could help them succeed.

When appropriate, be honest and upfront about any disadvantages or weaknesses in your product or service. This goes back to the open and honest communication that is fundamental to good relationships. Don’t try to pull the wool over your clients’ eyes. Eventually the truth will come out, and you may lose their business.

Don’t be afraid to promote and display your qualifications. If you are an expert or possess vast knowledge in a certain area, let people know it. If you or your company have received an award, be proud and place it where people can see it. While it isn’t appropriate to toot your own horn for no apparent reason, letting a client know that you have an expertise in an area that will prove beneficial to them is a good thing.

Develop a portfolio of reputable testimonials and endorsements from satisfied customers, and use their words to encourage a prospect to work with your company. People find comfort in knowing that others trust your company to take care of their needs.

Follow up with each client. You work hard to earn a credible reputation with your clients. Be sure you are doing what it takes to maintain that positive relationship.