Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Building Blocks of Trust

The building blocks of trust are being put in place from the moment you begin an interaction with a prospective client. The most basic of these blocks are openness and honesty. These important building blocks form the foundation of your credibility as a salesperson. Without these two pieces in place, the.

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Five Ways To Stimulate Creativity

Innovative ideas are essential for every business opportunity to create value and wealth. Entrepreneurial actions guided by creativity initiate strong opportunities for growth. A business plan must be crafted with focus and optimism to generate new market possibilities.

  1. Get rid of your "yes-but" attitude. Instead of focusing on what won't work, look.
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Experiential Learning

Most people who haven't been through my program wonder why I use golf in my workshops for leadership, team and business development. After learning about David A Kolb's research on education, I learned about the different learning techniques that are most effective on adults. Experience and reflection is how most adults do their learning..

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Achieving Success

I always stress the importance of goal setting and having a target. Gary Ryan Blair is one of the nation's top authors on the topic of goals. He's wrote 14 books and training materials on goals that have been used in 80,000 organizations and with 4,000,000 employees worldwide. Blair and I have similar philosophies,.

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